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multimedia licensing platform

Self-publishing multimedia platform

About idea

Dropapp.pl was created for self-publishers of multimedia materials such as games, software, audiobooks, e-books, e-learning courses. Thanks to dropapp.pl you will quickly provide your customers with license keys to the content you created. You can also share your materials with Publishers and Distributors and let them sell your content for you.

What is dropapp.pl?

Dropapp.pl is a market place where Authors and Publishers share applications, programs, games, e-books, audiobooks. Flexibility of the system lets you set agreements with Distributors and Publishers and sell licensing keys through different channels of distribution.

Owner of the Dropapp CRM platform is Ewa Witkowska Made in Media. The platform is a separate commercial product of the company.

How does it work

From publishers to target group

Many modern ideas are published as applications, multimedia, e-books, e-learning and audiobooks. Sharing materials in electronic way is associated with additional costs of creating an IT infrastructure that allows sharing the materials. Dropapp.pl solves this problem and enables you distribute your multimedia materials through networks. Thanks to dropapp.pl:

  • You gather your customers in one place and share your products in an easy and intuitive way,
  • You focus on creating and publishing materials, not on creating an IT system and infrastructure,
  • You place products on the platform and generate license keys – you have everything under your control.

Having an account at dropapp.pl gives you constant access to the products you bought. These can be games, HTML materials, files, audiobooks, movies, e-learning materials.

As an author you gain access to the Dropapp.pl system thanks to which you generate license keys quickly and easily. You can share license keys in any way with a selected group of users. You can charge for it or not, depending on your business model.

Dropapp.pl allows you:

  • To update and upgrade products.
  • To keep in touch through “help desk”.
  • To manage with the products, end users and licences.

Except to creating multimedia, it is also important to promote them so that the largest target group has the opportunity to learn about them. Distributors and Publishers play the key role here.

Dropapp.pl allows you to add distributor accounts. Distributors generate licenses and pass them on to end users.

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